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The World First Social
Impact Protocol

aims to solve charity transparency and fundraising issues through blockchain technology

Charity NFT marketplace, the Symbiotic Metaverse

With a focus on Charities

Maxity provides the ultimate solution for NGOs looking for innovative ways to fundraise. Fundraisers can buy and sell NFTs here and contribute to making the world a better place. You don′t have to know anything about cryptocurrency, blockchains or NFTs to partner with us. We will take you through the process

  1. Charitable Contributions
  2. Eco-friendly Platform
  3. Secure Transaction
  4. Verified Partners
  5. Low Gas Fees


You now have the best opportunity fundraise using NFTs. Maxity offers you the safest and one of the most popular platforms to showcase your work. Sell NFT art on Maxity and let your work shine. If you want to join the Maxity platform to sell NFT art for charity reach out on [email protected]

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Buy NFT art online and make a difference. Collect, trade and sell NFT art with a charitable aim


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