Maxity – The World's First Web3 Social Impact Protocol. Contributing to the 17 UN Global Goals.

Maxity uses blockchain technology to innovate the way NGOs fundraise and to strengthen transparency in the sector. Maxity incorporates Metaverse, NFTs, Volunteer and Reward (V&R), and SocialFi models and helps charities understand the potential of blockchain technology. Providing a one-stop solution for charities, NGOs, social enterprises, and donors wanting to contribute to society, we work with charities to identify how they can use Web3 to boost their donor engagement and visibility.

Charity NFT Marketplace

We are the world's largest charity NFT Marketplace. NFTs present entirely new ways of giving changing how organisations to engage with donors. Charities and NGOs are only just discovering how they can leverage NFT fundraising to generate new streams of revenue and engagement. Maxity, a reliable donation marketplace, aims to bridge this gap by working with charities through each stage of the NFT lifecycle, from ideation to execution.

We are also one of few NFT platforms to provide a function in which NFTs can be purchased by card. In this way, users can finally discover, collect and sell meaningful NFTs linked to a cause they support, while benefitting society.

With Maxity's current stakeholders such as NGOs, NFT designers, KOLs and academia, we have established 3 DAOs to give all the charities on the platform maximum visibility
Charity DAO

is made up of charities and Maxity ambassadors. The DAO facilitates NFT fundraising for charities, focusing on raising funds in emergency contexts, such as the sudden onset of natural disasters, war, and other situations where humanitarian relief is needed. Charity DAO aims to respond rapidly by creating, completing and releasing NFTs for charities within 24 hours. This helps raise funds quickly and respond effectively to the crisis.

Artists DAO

is an artists' community that aims to empower artists to design meaningful NFTs. It is composed of artists that have created NFTs on behalf of charities. Artists DAO also runs NFT design training courses, promoting successful artists. It has a mentoring programme for young and aspiring artists. Members of Artist DAO bring more artists to join the DAO and participate in the mentoring programme.

Influencer DAO

is established to harness social media influencer marketing (on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) for non-profit causes. We specifically chose influencers with more than 200M followers to boost fundraising for our grassroots organisations, raising awareness of issues otherwise left unheard. These influencers will be rewarded with personalised NFTs issued by Maxity, Max Coin (Maxity's Utility Token) and the Influencer Dao Token depending on their contribution.

Maxity Symbiotic Metaverse

The Symbiotic Metaverse is composed of 7 continents (just like the real world), which is then made up of a hundred thousand virtual lands. It is an evolutionary innovation focusing on establishing a virtual community that connects all humanity, to allow charities to engage donors at the planning stage of their projects. This strengthens donor relations and builds donor communities, resulting in sustained Web3 donations.

Maxity's symbiotic metaverse also includes the world's first volunteer and reward (V&R) model, a volunteer opportunity (offline and online) which incentivises blockchain volunteers to participate in the metaverse by rewarding them or allows low-income people to earn hardware equipment to enter this virtual world.

It is a metaverse aiming to solve all problems faced by living beings, the environment, and society as a whole. It is a metaverse where social inequality will no longer exist, and where organisms and environment live in genuine freedom and solidarity with each other.

Web3 Social Impact Protocol
Maxity is the world's first social impact protocol that provides a one stop solution for registering fundraising, fund management, expenditure, financial ledgers and project reports, proposals for implementing activities, and results of all projects on the blockchain for verification.
Web3 Social Impact Protocol

Maxity social impact protocol The six major columns show the activities of charities which are directly supported by Maxity platforms. The rows detail which functions are provided for those activities; which Maxity platforms provide the functions; who are the participants are that invoke the functions; and which partner organisations are involved.

Our vision

Maxity, a fundraising platform, allows NGOs, charities and social enterprises to raise funds for the causes they support with NFTs

Maxity, a Web3 protocol, aims to remove the enormous red tape burdening charities, with the aim of greater financial transparency, and thereby strengthening trust by wider audience

Maxity, a social impact incubator, where start-ups focused on the UN Global Goals will hatch and grow, attracting ESG funds worldwide. Engagement and investment will be in the first Charity NFT marketplace, the first Volunteer and Reward (V&R) model, the first Symbiotic Metaverse, and finally the first Social Impact Protocol.

Maxity aims to become the haven for all philanthropists, combining technological innovation and social responsibility, growing to be the most meaningful application in the blockchain and metaverse industry.

Our mission

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Core Members
Founded in 2021 by a group of blockchain technologists, academics, and charity trustees, Maxity aims to create a transparency tool to promote and facilitate donor engagement with charities, and hence improve society and reshape perceptions and trends about how blockchains are used. We want to create an innovative business model linking serious global issues to the blockchain world while providing solutions to charity frauds. We are proud to to be the world's first protocol which uses blockchain for good.
Professor Xiong Yu
Amjad Suleman AJ
Senior Strategic Advisor
Jack He
Chief Technology Officer
Natasha Ryan
Head of Partnerships
Miya Huang
Co-founder of Charity Dao
Alec C
Project Manager
Global Ambassadors