As a Maxity Global Ambassador you will be
A local founder, co-founder, trustee or lead of non-profit organization
Someone who has a network in the not-for-profit sector
Someone who has fundraised for charities on the grassroots level
A philanthropist, or an environmental / a humanitarian activist
Benefits of being a Maxity Global Ambassador
For successfully onboarded NGOs, if NGO's total social media followers are below 1000, the ambassador will receive a reward of 200 MAX tokens per NGO. NGO with a total fan base of 1000 or more will be granted a reward of 500 MAX tokens.
In addition, if the NGO you refer successfully invites new users to the Maxity app, the ambassador will receive extra MAX token rewards based on the number of users. For each successfully referred user, the ambassador will receive an extra reward of 2 MAX tokens.
Furthermore, the ambassador who achieves the highest number of successful NGO onboarding each month will be eligible for an additional bonus of 500 MAX token
As an Ambassador, you will
Assist the NGO introduced to the Maxity platform in completing the registration and verification process
Assist the NGO brought to Maxity in drafting the story behind their NFT. Assist in minting and listing for sale on Maxity once the NFT collection is completed
Invite the community / stakeholders / team members from your NGO and the NGO introduced to Maxity to join Maxity's social media channels

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