Trustworthy AI protocol

  • Strategic initiative aimed at mitigating the threats posed by digital superintelligence to humanity

  • Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DAI) Control System

  • Interactive Smart Supercomputing Architecture


Artificial intelligence advancements in

NFT Marketplace

Maxity is the world's largest charity NFT marketplace. Discover the new way of giving.

Maxity DApp

Plant and reward

MAX Forest

- The Beginning of the Symbiotic Metaverse. Walk and get fit, earn rewards with low-carbon activities, build MAX Forest together and help to achieve The United Nations' Global Goals.

Let's start the journey of Plant and Reward now!!

Blockchain Technology

6 Applications 48 Smart contracts

Built on Polygon, and now after the merge, Ethereum, environmentally friendly

The latest and most advanced tech stack

IPFS for storing token images, ensuring transparency

Unique royalty fee model incentivizes charities, buyers and designers

Innovative payment methods, buy NFT with bank card


Charity Dao

  • The first licensed Charity Dao - the future largest web3 charity foundation
  • Create NFTs for urgent events that completes fundraising within 24 hours

Artists Dao

  • Conducting NFT design training course with University of Surrey
  • Empower 1,000 young designers worldwide by artists
  • Assist on charity NFT designs

Influencer Dao

  • Issue exclusive NFTs for 100 top Influencers
  • Influencers assist on charity NFT marketing

MAX coin & staking

The Max Coin is the ERC-20 utility token that allows token holders to buy NFTs or donate directly to charity. It is also the native currency of the Symbiotic Metaverse, a governance token to manage the ecosystem by incorporating Max Coin into services and charity projects.

Volunteer and Reward

The Volunteer and Reward (V&R) modal and The Symbiotic Metaverse are the unprecedented combination of technological innovation and social responsibility, unlocking the most meaningful application in blockchain and the metaverse industry.



Volunteers worldwide will be claiming charitable tasks, each completion comes with secondary token rewards in the Symbiotic Metaverse



Secondary Token are available to exchange metaverse devices, purchase charity NFTs to donate to charities and tradeable on crypto exchanges



Virtual lands, utility upgrades, building constructions, maintenances and upgrades will exhaust and stabilise Secondary Token



All utility, buildings, land will come in the form of NFTs, which are tradeable on Maxity NFT marketplace.

Symbiotic Metaverse

A metaverse where all gather to reach the 17 UN Global Goals, and where human beings and all living organisms live in a peaceful and prosperous environment in a virtual, equal world.

metaverse image


If you are a charity, an NGO, a social enterprise, donor, artist, influencer, or a commercial partner and wish to join the Maxity ecosystem, reach out to [email protected].

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